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One interesting “nugget” from Santa Clarita’s past is that this is the place that the first duly registered find of gold occurred here in 1842. Unfortunately the days of the California gold rush are long gone and pan handlers and their buckets have disappeared from the streets. Nonetheless there is gold to be found in the guise of a car title loan in santa clarita because we are able to bring hope and opportunity to Santa Clarita citizens urgently and desperately prospecting for a way out of their money shortage.

  •         Car Title Loans – if you own a car you can apply!
  •         Fast, flexible and totally confidential
  •         Drive the car while the loan is being repaid!

Visit our location in Santa Clarita:

Address: 18723 Vía Princessa, Santa Clarita, CA 91387
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 7pm; Sat: 10am – 4pm; Sunday: Closed
Type of Service: Branches – By Appointment Only
Branch License Number: Pending
*Open since June 7th 2017


fast cash bad credit loans in santa clarita

The way the scheme works is as follows: car title loans in santa clarita are secured on the unexpired equity of a privately owned motor car. This provides us as lenders with all the collateral that we require to advance a loan which can be for any amount ranging between $2600 and $20,000. So anyone with a low or a non-existent credit rating may apply without worry because we just take no notice of such things – nor do we ask questions about employment status.

A Team of Financial Advisors On Your Side

When you make an application, whether by phone to (818) 722-2348 or by using the form on this website, you will soon be speaking to a member of our friendly, highly trained team. Their job is to rush you towards the money that you’ve been looking for and needing. A few questions about the make and model of your car and the cash will be yours!

If you live in Santa Clarita and in need of a quick loan call (818) 722-2348 NOW!